The virtual pipe organ (VPO) is an electronic organ which is designed to simulate the sound of real pipe organs as closely as possible using advanced audio sampling and playback techniques.

Northwest MIDI focuses on repurposing older organs, often those manufactured by the premiere American manufacturers such as Allen and Rodgers, giving them a new lease on life. Our builds use our own MIDI encoder designs, the latest Hauptwerk software on a PC or Mac, and audio systems which utilize pro-audio interfaces and speakers. The resulting Virtual Pipe Organ plays any of the numerous high quality sample sets from vendors around the world.

Northwest MIDI also manufactures MIDI encoders and related hardware for virtual pipe organs. These encoders utilize fast USB-MIDI transport rather than the slower 5-pin serial cables. We are currently using the powerful Teensy USB development boards, a product of, on our encoders to provide a platform that will be accessible and supportable for future programmers and technicians.