Introducing Opus 14

In partnership with another party, Northwest MIDI has obtained the former organ console from First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida. This five manual MDS-era Allen features approximately 300 drawknobs and 100 pistons organized in nine divisions. The original installation in the 1990’s was in an auditorium seating approximately 10,000 and featured more than 300 speaker cabinets.

Acquisition included transportation from Jacksonville, Florida to Vancouver, WA. We used a professional mover as far as Kansas City. I combined business with pleasure, visiting family in Lincoln, Nebraska prior to continuing to KC, where a talented mover and son-in-law loaded my trailer transferring the console, pedals with toe stud “wings,” the heavy-duty platform, and 12 speakers into my smaller 7×12 trailer. We both had loading ramps, but, with his car-hauler a foot wider, I was able to drop my ramp onto his for less slope getting off his trailer and onto mine. The mover laid down three 8×4 sheets of plywood that further smoothed the path.

A great friend and pastor flew out to KC to assist with the drive back, which was a huge benefit as we encountered extreme winds and the start of a blinding snowstorm. The 22-year-old truck ran like a top at 12.6 mpg pulling what we estimated to be 2500 lb. load. The trip totaled about 3,900 miles and involved about $1,500 of diesel fuel.

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Steve Petty

John — Kudos to you. I will enjoy watching you bring this to life. I can only hope that you have not forsaken the humble acoustical piano that no owner could ever but wish was under your care.

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