NW-MIDI Bus Encoder


MIDI encoder for bus style keyboards


The NW-MIDI Bus Encoder handles inputs from up to 8 NW-64in boards and 8 potentiometers. It controls console power, audio power, and LED or lamp indicators via optional external components. Each of the 8 possible input boards handles one keyboard, pedal board, or group of up to 64 pistons or stops. A typical console configuration might include three or more keyboards, a pedalboard, 60 pistons, and 128 stops. MIDI is sent to a user’s computer via the USB connection.

This encoder uses the Teensy 4.1 from PJRC. The onboard MCU is clocked at 600 MHz and evaluates the state of up to 512 inputs and sets up to 512 outputs three thousand times each second.

Input boards such as the NW-64in are required, one per keyboard, pedalboard, 64 pistons, or 64 stops.

Weight 0.1 lbs